Sensitive Patient Records

When creating a new patient record or editing an existing one, you can mark sensitive patient records for an additional layer of security. Once a patient record is marked as containing sensitive information, any attempted access of this record will result in a warning, and an access log entry in the administration access logs if the user chooses to proceed and view the sensitive record.

To mark a patient record as sensitive, select the checkbox labeled "This patient record contains sensitive information" located directly below the patient record header toolbar.

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The sensitive patient record will now include a red warning in view mode stating that the "This patient record contains sensitive information".


Any further access of this record will result in a sensitive information warning and an access log entry, with the exception of a non-hard refresh or a user transitioning from view to edit or edit to view mode.


If the patient has an associated family record or pedigree, then accessing the pedigree will also trigger the sensitive information warning and access log entry, even if the family itself is not marked as sensitive.


The patient's pedigree thumbnail will also be masked to maintain the privacy of the pedigree. Learn more about pedigree thumbnails.


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