Family History and Pedigree

In this section you can enter basic familial data such as ethnicity, mode of inheritance, health conditions, and consanguinity. This section also contains a link to the pedigree editor, displayed as a pedigree thumbnail. The pedigree thumbnail shows a miniature replica of your patient’s pedigree. Patients that do not yet have a pedigree will have a blank thumbnail containing the words “Draw pedigree”. The creation of a pedigree automatically creates an associated family record, a document that connects all members of the pedigree that have a patient record. A family record attached to multiple patient records could be shared between different PhenoTips users treating different members of the same family. Learn more about collaborating on family records.

Once your pedigree has been created, a link to the associated family record will appear above the pedigree thumbnail, and the patient records linked in the pedigree will be listed to the right of the thumbnail. You can edit your pedigree in the pedigree editor by either clicking on the pedigree thumbnail, or on the edit (pencil) icon to the right of the thumbnail. For a quick download of the pedigree as an image (PNG) or scalable image (SVG), hover over the download icon below the edit (pencil) icon to the right of the pedigree thumbnail and select your desired format. Read more about printing and exporting a pedigree.