Building a Pedigree

To build a pedigree click on the large square labeled “Draw pedigree” in the Pedigree section of a family record, or in the Family History and Pedigree section of a patient record. If you are creating a pedigree in a family record skip to choosing a template. If you are creating a pedigree from a patient record, a window will appear titled “Assign a patient to a family” that prompts you to either create a new family, or add your patient to an existing family.

  • Choose “add to an existing family” if you have access to an existing family record for your patient’s family in PhenoTips, for example, if another patient within the same family has been previously entered. Enter the family identifier (internal or external) of the family you wish to add your patient to. You may then drag and drop your patient onto the appropriate node to merge the patient with the family. Read more about linking patient records in pedigrees. Read more about permissions and privacy relating to shared families.
  • Choose “create a new family” if there are no other PhenoTips entries for this patient’s family. This will automatically generate a family record which you can later edit. You will then be able to select a template and begin creating your patient’s pedigree.