Push Functionality

PhenoTips enables users to transfer patient data to PhenomeCentral through its push functionality. PhenoTips Enterprise users can transfer patient data to other PhenoTips instances, including but not limited to PhenomeCentral, so long as they are enabled by your administrator. Individual patient records as well as bulk patient data can be pushed.

Consents required by PhenomeCentral and other PhenoTips instances are fully supported. They are displayed before pushing patient records and any mandatory consents must be checked in order to proceed with the data transfer.

Most categories of patient data can be pushed to PhenomeCentral. However, at the moment, the following information cannot be pushed:

  • Pedigree
  • Prenatal and perinatal history
  • Copy number variants
  • Medical reports
  • Additional files

Previously pushed data on the destination server (other PhenoTips instance) can be modified/cleared by modifying/deleting it on your cloud account and then pushing it to the destination server again.