Sensitive Family Records

When creating a new family record or editing an existing one, you can mark sensitive family records for an additional layer of security. Once a family record is marked as containing sensitive information, any attempted access of this record will result in a warning, and an access log entry in the administration access logs if the user chooses to proceed and view the sensitive record.

A family record may also be marked sensitive by default if any of the patient records associated with it are sensitive. Learn more about Sensitive Patient Records.

To mark a family record as sensitive, select the checkbox titled "Warn about sensitive information when opening this family's pedigree" in the About section of the family record.


Once the checkbox is selected, a text box will become available prompting you to describe the sensitive information. The contents entered into this text box will appear as part of the sensitive information warning users receive when accessing this family record and pedigree.

Once the record is marked as sensitive, any users accessing the family record or pedigree will receive a warning and, should they proceed, an access log entry in the administration access logs.


Since patient data is available in the pedigree, linking a sensitive patient record to a pedigree will also result in a warning and an access log entry.