1. Pedigree export in CanRisk format


  1. Pedigree download feature in the Admin section
  2. Ability to add visit notes in the patient sheet
  3. Pedigree dependency removed from the base war
  4. Ability to reorder labeled eids on the patient sheet after they have been created
  5. The config and enterprise version is now displayed in the Phenotips UI's "About" section
  6. Ability to host the pedigree from an external source
  7. G4rd's simple consents are now available in the patient Excel Export
  8. The PatientFormContentOrdering now supports commented-out lines
  9. CRAT and Pedigree versions are now shown in the Pedigree editor.


  1. The numbered XOverrides do not always execute in the correct order because they are collected into an unordered set, which nullifies the sorting
  2. The xoverrides module does not sort the config files properly
  3. When creating patients (Conditional PUT operation) with a labeled identifer in both the body and URL path, it duplicates the labeled eid in the patient record.
  4. DefaultExtensionJobHistory throws an exception every time the application starts
  5. Ordering of the labelled ids are changed when saved due to the labeled ids ordering code not installed by the distribution wizard during the 7.10.0 upgrade.
  6. Final Diagnosis in Clinical Tab is not correctly loaded.
  7. Pedigree crashes due to missing Raphael import
  8. Pedigree Text Boxes Do Not Wrap Text, AHS
  9. Pedigree created through PPQ with consanguinity leads to errors in the pedigree
  10. Should show a popup message, "stay or leave" when the user closes the browser tab with unsaved changes in pedigree
  11. Pedigree Initialization failed error in 8.2.1
  12. Pedigree issues related to Date of Death
  13. Unable to add brother to pedigree, AHS
  14. Unable to export pedigree in boadicea format if there is a deceased node in the pedigree