1. Allow collaborator from study auto-config to remove collaborators
  2. Making the application not start if auto-config orders conflict
  3. An admin page where xoverrides can be run manually in the UI
  4. Indexing service entity mapping - clean up how empty values are represented to improve searches
  5. Improvement to the performance of the variant matching endpoint and paginate the results
  6. Able to xoverride object GUIDs


  1. Users can change the study of a patient even though they are not allowed to create a patient with that study
  2. Restoring a deleted patient record which had a family shows a velocity error in the pedigree section
  3. Measurements API: 204 response and Java exception on malformed data
  4. AutoConfigEventListener does not run all auto configs
  5. When the patent owner setting for the ppq scheduler is non-empty we get an error in the scheduler UI
  6. Azure blob store fails to initialize when sas token is only on the container
  7. The tooltip for patient ethnicity field is missing in the patient record
  8. The java xoverride module throws an NPE due to the profile config property
  9. A velocity error is displayed instead of a study when "None" is selected
  10. The location of the physical chart and address are not properly set in the Excel export
  11. Family endpoint does not include internal family ID in the LOCATION header of the response
  12. Pedigree exit always lands on the patient sheet in view mode.
  13. Pedigree created through PPQ with consanguinity leads to errors in the pedigree