1. CRAT now has proper success/warning/error status colours for calculations
  2. variant matching by the genomic range (G4RD)
  3. PatientFormContentOrdering.xml added to the enterprise
  4. Attaching additional files to a family document (OUH)
  5. Ability to enter the address information on the patient sheet
  6. PT attachment store setup against Microsoft Azure blob
  7. A migrator to assign a study and collaborators to a patient and change its ownership to a workgroup
  8. Change a labelled identifier name on existing/incoming data
  9. Ability to override default property values for an XWiki class
  10. Patients' and families endpoints backed up by the indexing service
  11. Lock on the external id of a patient while patient creation - REST
  12. Ability to trigger an index drop for the indexing service
  13. CRAT service URLs have a default value if not present in the config


  1. A DBList-type livetable column displays values incorrectly
  2. Unable to delete family records that have attachments.
  3. Struts2 migration image has subpaths in a few of the columns in the live-table
  4. Browse patients - The new copy number variants filters don't work properly on the export options page
  5. Add missing auto-generated phenotypes for measurements for abnormal measurement ranges
  6. AHS Abridge report: The report title should be "Genetic Clinical Summary Report"
    Variants store file upload shows BlobStoreAttachmentStore error in the backend log
  7. Family search doesn't suggest families when the suggestion type is either wrongly configured or not configured at all
  8. AHS Abridge report: The success/failure message on pushing the abridge report from the UI should have the latest report title
  9. PhenoTips image has a 2MB file upload limit after struts2 update
    Pedigree: "Save Failed" error in IE 11 browser
  10. Pedigree throws an initialization error if the patient record has date-related data
  11. Pedigree throws script error in epic browser (IE) while hovering over the nodes
  12. The Initiate Cancer Risk Model button appears in the Cancers tab of the pedigree
  13. Pedigree crashes when the child node without siblings gets deleted
  14. Pedigree export as an image doesn't work when legends are not included in the export
  15. Removing cancers doesn't undo properly
  16. Print Pedigree doesn't work in some Chrome Versions
  17. Pedigree: The values entered in the date-related fields are not saved
  18. Suggestions don't work in pedigree
  19. Patient breaks glass in pedigree: sensitive information message is missing
  20. Pedigree node linking has broken node handle for other gender nodes
  21. Twin node turns into regular sibling node
  22. Pedigree's not in contact with proband functionality is not working